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Tequila tastings in Sayulita, Mexico

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Learn all about tequila, mezcal, and other agave spirits.

Tequila Tour Sayulita
Tequila Tasting SayulitaTequila Tasting SayulitaTequila Tasting SayulitaTequila Tasting Sayulita
Learn from the experts how tequila and other authentic Mexican agave spirits are made. This is a unique tequila tour right here in Sayulita, just 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. Our guides are experts in the art of making of these authentic Mexican spirits, with over 15 years of experience. They will walk you through a simulation of the tequila-making process, and show you the differences between tequia, mezcal, raicilla, sotol, and bacanora, and a bit about the history of these exceptional spirits.

Tequila Tour & Tasting

Sayulita tequila tasting
Tequila Tour SayulitaTequila Tour SayulitaTequila Tour SayulitaTequila Tour Sayulita
Each Tequila Tasting Includes:
  • On-site mini-tour of the tequila making process
  • 5 different high-quality tequilas
  • 4 other agave spirits (raicilla, sotol, mezcal, bacanora)
Taste the various styles of tequila (blanco, reposado, anejo, and extra anejo) and learn how they are different from each other. Taste mezcal produced from different types of the agave plant (espadin, barril, tabala, and more) and from different regions of Mexico. Taste the more locally produced raicilla, which is considered by some to be the moonshine of agave spirits. And taste sotol, a less common Mexican spirit, which is not made from agave, but instead from a wild-harvested plant sometimes called desert-spoon. We are committed to providing the best service... and the best tequila!

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Sayulita tequila tasting
In our boutique we offer a fine selection of authentic Mexican products, including the best selection of high-end tequila, mezcal, raicilla, and sotol. We carry many artisanal brands, some of which are rare and you likely have not seen before. Many of the bottles are beautiful handmade works of art. We also carry unique locally-made products, some of which are produced from agave fibers, which make excellent gifts for friends... or for yourself!

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Agave Experience Tequila
  • Call, WhatsApp, or email to reserve a tasting tour.
  • We also do private parties, corporate events, and group excursions.
  • Our store is open every day .
  • A perfect day trip from Puerto Vallarta, or anywhere in Jalisco or Nayarit.
  • We are about one block east of the bus station in Sayluita.

Family owned and operated.

Agave Experience Tequila

Av Revolución 233, Sayulita, MX 011-52-322-137-5128